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Select Help | About from the Main Menu of the program to find the version of your software.

Current Version 1.41 10/28/2012

  • RTF Export is reformatted to correct line offset error.

Use the following link to download the install program:

numselect141.exe (1Mb) 10/28/12 Ver. 1.41

Version 1.4 10/7/2012

  • All copy protection is removed.
  • Program converted to Karmaware.
  • RTF Export will default to the Document folder.
  • Print dialog added.
  • Help File updated.

Version 1.3 1/14/2010

  • The program Help is changed to comply with Vista and Windows 7.

Version 1.2 3/16/2008

  • Minor upgrade to correct closed window error when changing Numerology System.

Version 1.11 3/31/2006

  • Correct Date Format for International Dates.

Version 1.1 3/5/2006

  • Paste Funtion corrected to include Y and W settings.
  • Tips and Traps topic updated in Help File.

Version 1.0 2/28/2006

  • This is the initial realease of the program.

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