The intent of Karmaware is to generate and foster good karma for all of us.

Karmaware requires no payment to fully use the program.

Several of my programs have been offered as Shareware. These programs could be evaluated for a free ten day period and then required a payment for continued use. The majority of my programs have been simply released as Freeware. All of my Shareware programs are in the process of being changed over to Karmaware.

Kareware is a bridge between Freeware and Shareware. It gives both the program user and me the ability to generate good karma. I can freely distribute the programs to the end user with no expectation of money as with Shareware. The end user, if able and willing, may decide to make a donation to support our programming efforts and web site operation.

The end user should feel absolutely no obligation to make any payment for the use of the program. The end user should however feel an obligation to use the program for their own personal benefit and the benefit of others.

To me it is all about being in this endeavor together. I am simply providing a tool to enable the end user on their journey and the people they help. That is really what Karmaware is to me.

Take care,
John Kostura

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