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Free Numerology Calculator
The study of numerology allies the significance of numbers to the alphabet. This makes it possible to analyze names to find their numeric significance. There are two widely used systems. The Chaldean and the Pythagorean systems of numerology. Please note that the program does not provide interpretation.

This numerology program is a quick and easy to use calculator.

    Program Features:
  • Calculate Pythagorean and Chaldean
  • Consonant Total and Result
  • Vowel Total and Result
  • Sum of Numeric Distribution of Vowels and Consonants
  • Quick Report
  • Date Calculator with Calendar
  • Math Calculator with Numerology Functions
  • Export Report to RTF file for MS WordPad or Word

Numerology Calculator Select
This program is an upgrade to the Free Numerology Calculator and offers many new features. The program may be customized to meet your individual needs. Both Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology are supported.

Users may select from a wide variety of numerology options and program interface options.

    Program Features:
  • Calculate Pythagorean and Chaldean
  • Customize Program Interface
  • Save and Load Data
  • Save Multiple Program Configurations
  • Consonant Total and Result
  • Vowel Total and Result
  • Numeric Total and Result
  • Distribution of Vowels, Consonants and Numerics
  • Quick Report and Report Preview
  • Date Calculator with Calendar and Lunar Phase
  • Math Calculator with Numerology Functions
  • Export Report to RTF file for MS WordPad or Word

Numerology Healing Tones
There are two basic components to all things spiritual and transcendental. These two components are intent and vibration. When we pray or meditate we are raising our vibrational level to leverage an intention. Spiritual and physical healing again employs vibrations, the moving of energy and intent. Different vibrational planes are reported in the spiritual realm beyond or overlapping with this physical world. Out of body experience also relies on raising a vibrational level. In other words vibration is a fundamental component of spirituality, healing and metaphysics.

This program contains ten (10) individual tone generators. The frequency of each tone may be retrieved from a database or musical notes may be assigned. The individual vibrations may be correlated with Pythagorean Numerology or Chaldean Numerology. The tone generators may also be used with Solfeggio healing tones or Royal Rife healing frequencies. The program is designed for the casual user or the serious researcher.

    Program Features:
  • Evaluate Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology
  • Ten (10) Separate Tone Generators
  • Frequency 20 to 20,000 CPS
  • Control Wave Envelope and Shape
  • Ten Octave Music Scale
  • Frequency Database and Reports

Free Cabalistic Oracle
The Cabalistic Calculator calculates the Individual Number for a person and analyze the number using the Table of Significations.

The calculator includes a print function and Internet resources. Reports may be exported to an Rich Text Format (RTF) and edited with Microsoft WordPad or Word.

Free Mayan Calendar Calculator
Mayan Calendar Calculator The Mayan Long Count Calendar ends December 21, 2012. What this means is a matter of opinion and conjecture. Everyone I know seems to be undergoing some type of tempering and is being made ready for a change.

I believe that we all want that change to take place. Not just in a selfish personal way but on a global scale never seen before.

    Program Features:
  • Years from 99,000 B.C. to 99,999 A.D.
  • Elapsed days - Great Cycle.
  • Remaining days - Great Cycle.
  • Percentage of Great Cycle.
  • Cycle Harmonics
  • Copy Report to Clipboard
  • Historical Long Count

Free Mayaonic Calendar Calculator
Mayaonic Calculator Carl Johan Calleman has determined the end of the Mayan Calendar to be October 28, 2011. Calleman has provided the detailed information to program this free Mayan Wave and Tzolkin Day Calculator.

    Program Features:
  • Ninth Wave Day and Plot
  • Eighth Wave Day
  • Seventh Wave Day
  • Sixth Wave Long Count
  • Tzolkin Day
  • Copy Report to Clipboard
  • Help File by Carl Calleman

Free Jeweler's Assistant Software
This software is especially useful for jeweler's and designers that deal with old stock stones. Often the stones are listed by Pearl Plate (PP) or Stone Size (SS). The program easily converts these units to both millimeters and inches.

    Program Features:
  • Bead Calculator
  • Pearl Plate Size
  • Stone Size
  • Weight Conversion
  • Wire Gauge
  • Ring Size
  • Jump Ring
  • Fraction Table
  • Bead Worksheet

Free BP Oil Spill Calculator
On April 20th 2010 at 9:45 p.m. the British Petroleum Macondo well suffered a tragic blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. How many barrels of oil have flowed into the Gulf of Mexico as the result of the BP Macondo blowout? How does this compare to the Valdez Spill. If the Macondo continues to flow for another sixty days what are the projected total barrels of oil discharged? The "BP Oil Spill Calculator" is an attempt to answer these questions.

    Program Features
  • Enter and Calculate Date Range
  • Enter and Calculate Average Flow Rate
    • Barrels per Day
    • Gallons per Day
    • Liter per Day
  • Calculate Flow Rate per Hour
  • Calculate Flow Rate per Minute
  • Calculate Total Oil Spill for Date Range
  • Compare to Valdez Spill
  • Compare to Tanker Trucks
  • Calculate Square Miles of Oil Slick

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