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Frequently Asked Questions

I keep changing the "Envelope" and I cannot hear any difference in the tones ?
If you are using a short tone duration, it will be very difficult to hear any difference. Try using a tone duration of 2 seconds or longer.

Does this program let me hear the numerology?
Yes. A tone can be assigned to each numerology value; 1-9 tones for the Pythagorean method; and 1-8 tones for the Chaldean method.

I cannot hear the tone with a value of 63, but I hear all the other tones.
The frequency range you will be able to hear will vary from one sound card to another. Newer computers tend to have a higher low end range. Try a higher tone and determine the range your sound card is capable of working with. The program has a frequency range of 20 CPS to 20,000 CPS.

How do I speedup the playback?
Adjust the "Tone Duration". The is the length of time in seconds each tone is played. A smaller number will increase the speed of the playback.

I just installed the program now what do I do with it?
Please check the "Help" documentation for the program. The topics "Getting Started" and "Menu Functions" are particularly helpful when first using the program. On every screen of the program you will find a help icon . Click the help icon or press the "F1" key for content help and examples.

Why are both the Pythagorean and Chaldean systems included in the program?
Having both systems increases the flexibility and usefullness of the program. It also is easier and cost efficient than trying to maintain to separate versions of the program.

Are you going to do a Professional version with additional features?
Yes. It all depends on how much interest this current program generates.

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