Edge World by John Kostura

Quick Tour of Edge World

The sequence starts with a "bang". It appears to me as fire works display.

The explosion quickly transforms into a spherical world .

We are then taken on a trip to the surface of this world.

We find this Edge World to have pits and ridges.

You will view what appears to be islands or plateaus within the pits.

The end of the journey is totally unexpected!

These images are from an experiment I performed back in 1992. I was attempting to reproduce a technique for capturing images from the spirit world. The technique was developed by German researcher Klaus Schreiber. The technique is simple you take a video camera and output the video to a monitor. You then darken the room and aim the video camera into the monitor. This produces a result similar to having two mirrors reflecting each other. A video tape is permitted to run for hours and then the tape is analyzed a frame at a time.

When I viewed the recorded tape a frame at a time I found the following forty-four (44) images to be of interest. There are 32 frames per second so the entire sequence lasted approximately 1.375 seconds.

I do not pretend to have any idea what these images represent . . . honest! They appear to be three dimensional, fractal in appearance and indicate a zooming affect.

Digital Images

The VHS tape was played back on a Panasonic AG-7355 industrial deck with digital still capture. Each frame was capture from a digital still by a Vision-16 (Targa) capture card. The captured images are 512 x 486 pixels, 16.7 million color Targa images.

I have not scaled the images to 640 x 480 pixels so on your computer screen they appear more square than rectangular. I did not want to introduce any dithering or scaling into the original images. These images are available for download.

Please note that all images displayed are copyrighted by John Kostura and this site. For additional information see: Using Images from "The Edge".

Viewing Images

I have provided you with several options to view the images on this site. All images on the site have been converted to JPEG images from the original Targa format using Adobe PhotoDelux. The images were then processed using LView into the following formats:
  • Full JPEG images, 512 x 486 pixels, 16.7 million colors,
  • 50% JPEG images, 256 x 243 pixels, 256 colors,
  • 25% JPEG images, 128 x 122 pixels, 256 colors.

Tour Edge World Images
The tour will present two images in sequence side-by-side for comparison. By clicking on the "Next" logo you will be taken to the next image in the sequence. The images in the Tour are reduced to 256 x 243 pixels and 256 colors. To view an individual full image at 16.7 million colors simply click on the reduced image. The Tour is best viewed with a screen resolution of 640 x 480.

Image Index Pages
I have grouped the small 128 x 122 pixels, 256 colors images into two pages of twenty-two (22) images each. From this page you can click on an index image to view the full image at 16.7 million colors or click on the Page Link to jump into the above Tour at any point.

Download Copyrighted Images

For your convenience we have provided you with several options to download these copyrighted images. See : Using Images from "The Edge" for additional information.
jpg-01.zip (1.9 Mb)
This file contains all forty-four (44) JPEG images at 512 x 486 pixels and 16.7 million colors. This file will uncompress to 1.9 Mb.

tga-01a.zip (2.7 Mb)
This zip file contains the first twenty-two (22) raw Targa images. This file will uncompress to 11 Mb.

tga-01b.zip (2.0 Mb)
This zip file contains the last twenty-two (22) raw Targa images. This file will uncompress to 11 Mb.

Comments and Opinions

Please drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think we are looking at. I really have no idea what these images represent. I sent a copy of the images to the video tape company I buy from and they have no explanation. No e-mail will be posted without your permission.
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