TED Talks an incredible source
for independent creative thinking.

Are You Tired of It All?

I am so tired of it all. The ignorance and hatred that seems to abound is both discouraging and depressing . . . to say the least. Politics, religion, social justice, the elections, the list could go on and on. Is there no light out there we may find that speaks for, and encourages, a better world?

The answer is YES. I found one positive source of Light which does not attempt to indoctrinate or spread negativity. That source of light is "TED Talks".

TED = Ideas worth spreading.

So What is TED Talks

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design. There are two major conferences every year as well as additional conferences that bring speakers together from these three disciplines. The scope of the talks have broaden over the years and now cover a wide range of topics.

Here are a few of my favorite talks:
The Last Thing

Is the last thing you feed your brain before bed your local news?

If so you may be programming your subconscious to deal with mostly negative thoughts concerning robberies, beatings and local problems while you sleep. This cannot be a good thing and probably leads to overall depressions we often experience.

TED Talks give us an opportunity to acquire a stimulating and often profound new thought pattern we can employ to lighten our burden. This is why TED Talks have become important to me as the perspectives are positive and why I am sharing this source with you.

TED Talk Links
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