A Special Valentine Day Present

Our little boy Thomas was indeed a very special gift from God. He is my forth son; Keith age 21, Jordan age 18, Ryan age 13 and Thomas age 2. To say he was a surprise gift is an understatement.

On his second birthday I gave Thomas twelve dinosaurs and that soon became his favorite toys to play with. After Christmas he had over fifty dinosaur books and nearly that many play figures.

Just about everyday Thomas watches one of his "Little Foot" dinosaur videos and goes through at least half his dinosaur books. When Disney's "Dinosaur" movie came out on video we knew Thomas would fall in love with the movie.

Thomas' favorite charater from the movie is "Eema" an old and battered Styracosaurus. He sits with his dinasour books looking for pictures of Eema and when he finds one he screams "Eema . . . Eema!" Thomas liked the other characters but Eema is special to him.

Valentine Day Shopping

Thomas and I went shopping for Valentine Day presents. We got his mother some special herbs and at the last minute I decided to stop at Target. We got his brother some candy and I thought I would get Thomas a dinosaur.

Up and down the aisles of the toy section we went and we could not find a dinosaur anywhere. All of a sudden Thomas began to yell "Eema . . . Eema" and point frantically.

When I turned around, there was a soft sculptured Eema sitting in the midst of other stuffed animals. When I handed Eema to Thomas he hugged her and anyone could see how happy he was.

I could not find the price on Eema so we tracked down a couple of sales associates. They looked at Eema and said Target did not sell it. We all went back over to where Thomas had found it and could not find another or anything similar to it.

I told them I would still like to buy it for Thomas. "Well we can't sell it to you . . . we don't have it to sell. I guess it is a special gift" and they walked away.

How could anyone even begin to calculate the odds of something like this happening? It is apparent to me that God wanted Thomas to have a special Valentine Day present.

John Kostura
E-Mail: jk@2near.com

A little boy loved by God
is sent to tell the story
of Love and Trust.
In his special way
he teaches us to open
our hearts to joy and miracles.

Poem by Berit Fronth Bjornerud

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