Contrails / Chemtrails
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From: (withheld at senders request)
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 09:06:51 +0800
Subject: Pics of OKC contrails on 10-29-01

Hi John,

I too am a Oklahoma City resident who has noticed the abnormal jet airplane condensation trails for several years. I wish to share several exceptional pictures of the Oklahoma City skies taken the afternoon of 10-29-2001.

While mowing a large field upon my tractor I began to notice a large number of abnormal jet condensation trails. Paying close attention overhead I spotted a large jet flying west to east with a abnormal heavy thick lasting condensation forming from behind.

I stopped my tractor to watch this jet expecting it to disappear over the horizon with the long abnormal condensation trail following behind it. To my total surprise at approximately 40° over the eastern horizon the jet airplane quit producing the abnormal heavy long condensation trail returning to a normal short dissipating condensation trail.

I watched the jet continue flying eastward for several minutes upon reaching a location of approximately 30° over the eastern horizon it turned 180° returning westward slightly north of it's eastward path. Upon reaching about 40° over the eastern horizon flying westward slightly north of it's last path the condensation trail changed again from a normal short quickly dissipating form to a abnormal heavy thick lasting form.

Having access to a new high quality digital I decided to quit the days mowing and capture this abnormal condensation trail phenomena for all to see. While the abnormal condensation trails were the focus of my attention I also captured a picture of what appeared to be a military fighter jet passing uncomfortably close over what appeared to be a passenger jet. I estimate the planes were 1000 feet or less apart upon crossing paths, giving me a worrisome moment. Going beyond the near miss I find it interesting both jets almost in the same airspace had such differing condensation trails.

Well John I hope you and your web site viewers enjoy these pictures of which you are free to post upon your web site.

(withheld at senders request)

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10/29/2001 - 3:00 p.m. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Trail Series: plane laying out a trail from north to south.







Near Miss Sequence: I estimate that the military and commercial jet were within 1,000 feet of each other.






Star Series: shots of star looking shape contrail art. I took 3 shots from east to center to west.





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