Decision 2000?

Editorial by John Kostura
January 12, 2001

Well the election is finally over.
All I can say about the result is that . . .
GW and Jeb stole the election fare-and-square!

Al Gore's Brain
on Marijuana
VS GW Bush's Brain
on Coke
Larger - able to grasp and quickly let go of many ideas repeatedly. Size Smaller - requiring the same ideas be resaid in every possible way.
Very thin - cracked and unable to hold liquids. Thickness Thick and sturdy ideal for holding "Jack Daniels".
Deep . . . real deep! Depth Shallow and impracticable.
Al's brain contains a large amount of open area indicating a high degree of potential. Many unfinished areas can be seen of ideas started and left incomplete. Some of these areas are patchy. Design GW's brain has a certain darkness to it. A solid rigid form. Patches of darkness are large and well defined. Some unfinished ideas but not much room for new thinking.

Why so hard on the candidates?

I was not going to post this page on the Internet. But after I saw the first presidential debate on October 3rd, I changed my mind.

It is not that I do not like either of these men. I am sure they are both good men and may even have the best of intentions. The fact is that they are more of the same. From the stand point of big business and big government they will not be that different. The following discussion gives an idea of what I am getting at.

Prescription Drugs

Al has a plan and GW has a plan. Do you understand either of these plans? Do you know what will happen to drug prices for someone not covered by these plans? I can tell you right now . . . they will go up! The drug companies will not be hurt . . . they will benefit greatly! So how do those covered by their plans fare . . . good to a degree. But the real basis of their plans is for increased sales and revenue for the drug companies! How can I say such a ridicules thing?

Neither candidate is addressing the real issue concerning prescription drugs. Why do they cost so much? Why are they cheaper everywhere else in the world? Why do they not challenge the record high profits of the drug companies?

Tax Cut?

Again each candidate has a plan to lower our taxes? We all feel we are paying too much in taxes. Inflation moved us all up into higher tax brackets. The IRS and congress have nickeled and dimed us to death by eliminating deductions such as interest paid on credit cards.

Do you think corporate America has suffered the same way the individual has concerning increased taxes? I do not think so because they have lobbyist and the money necessary to be heard to DC.

The real issue here is not a tax cut . . . but fair taxes. If we are all treated fairly under the law, why do we need such a large tax code? The tax code is 3,458 pages plus an additional 6,500 pages of regulations. If the tax code is fair, it should be no greater than the size of one three ring binder!

Also lets not forget that if the government would simply eliminate the $375 billion in waste each year, taxes could be lowered by 40% for each of us.

War on Drugs?

This is probably the first time in history that both candidates are known drug users. Al Gore admits using marijuana when in Vietnam and also when he came back home. GW Bush on the other hand has a set non-answer for questions regarding his use of coke. In either case, if they had been caught and convicted they would be felons now and unable to run for public office and even unable to vote.

Am I implying that they should not be elected president because of their drug use? No not at all. The only negative aspect is it will further add to the hypocrisy of our current drug laws.

If you do some checking, you will find that the "War on Drugs" has put half a million non-violent drug offenders in prison. This exceeds the total prison population of Europe. We are criminalizing our children for what both of these candidates have done.

Our free society now has over two million citizens in prison. This is greater than the entire world prison population. All together our free society has over 6.8 million citizens under the control of the correctional department.

These numbers are going up and not down and this should be alarming and a major issue. I cannot remember either candidate addressing this issue.

Two Party System

The Democrats and the Republicans have a really sweet deal. What one party doesn't get the other party gets. And there is plenty of everything to go around. Plenty of money to be made playing one side of the issue against the other. Lobbyist rush to each side. What a deal.

When did you see a truly nonpartisan debate? Let alone a nonpartisan vote. Why not? Because there has to be two clearly defined sides to every issue so the lobbyist know where to carry the money.

John Kostura

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