John Kostura
Soft Clay Sculptures

Each soft clay sculpture is hand formed. The clay is rolled out to a flat sheet and then formed into shape. These sculptures are not casts from molds. Each piece is signed and is an original.
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CR01-33 Strapped Cylinder
The cylinder is made of red clay straps of soft clay. The straps form and fascinating pattern of shapes and openings. The cylinder has a burnt copper finish, that is really interesting when well lit. Each side of the sculpture is unique.

Left Side || Back Side || Right Side || Detail

The sculpture may be used with a candle for dramatic shadow affects.

Clay: Red | Glaze: burnt copper | Height: 16.5" | Diameter: 5.5" | Price: $150

CR01-32 Napkin Ring Holders
These napkin ring holders are styled after an early wooden napkin rings designed as an accessory to Fiesta plates. These rings however are hand made and fired from red clay.

Each ring is glazed in solid colors with detailed accents. They are sold in sets of four. Click for detail of left. || Click for detail of right.

Clay: Red | Glaze: opaque colors | Height: 2.5" | Width: 2.5" | Price: $80

CR01-29 Seven Day Candle
This is candle is an experiment in design. I have always been fascinated by the evolving sculpture of candles as they burn, melt and wax is freed to run down the side of the candle.

This sculpture is filled with a poured candle inside. At different levels on the side of the sculpture are different geometric opening to permit the flow of liquid wax to flow.

Below each opening is a raised ridge to channel the flow of wax, creating a wax sculpture as the candle burns. The bowl at the bottom of the candle sculpture holds any run-off wax.

The candle may be refilled by looping a new candle wick on the hook provided at the base and plugging the holes of the candle with clay and tape, before filling with wax.

Left Side || Back Side || Right Side

Clay: Red | Glaze: marbled blues and greens | Height: 11.5" | Candle Width: 4"
Bowl Width: 8" | Not for Sale

NOTE: I had an opportunity to burn the candle and test the design of this piece. The test did work out as planned but with a surprise! As the candle burned liquid wax did form and when it reached an opening in the clay the wax poured out and followed the clay channels as expected, however there was a problem. When the wax poured out the length of the candle wick grew dramatically shooting a flame out the top of the clay sculpture! It did turn out to be quite a conversation piece. I think it may work as a planter for ivy?

CR01-28 Cross with Arcs - Sold
This cross is hand formed from white clay, including the arcs. The arcs of the cross project dramatic shadows. Click for detail.

Clay: white | Glaze: purple base with blue highlights
Length: 13.5" | Width: 9" | Depth: 1"

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