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This page is an archive of clay art that has been sold. If you find a piece that you are interested in, let me know and I may be able to make a piece for you in that style. Each piece is signed and is an original.


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VC-01 - Sold
This bowl is made of white, yellow, blue, green and brown clay. The mat finish gives the clay a pastel appearance.

Clay: Colored White | Glaze: Mat Food Safe
Height: 4.25" | Diameter: 9.25" | Weight: 3 lbs. | Price: Sold

VC-02 Lee's Brain - Sold
This simple bowl is a definitely a "one-of-a-kind" bowl. The spatial arrangement of colors and shapes lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations.

Clay: Colored White | Glaze: Clear Food Safe
Height: 2.25" | Diameter: 10.75" x 10.25" | Price: Sold

VC-12 - Sold
This bowl is made of individual pieces of red and white clay.

Clay: Red and White | Glaze: Clear Food Safe
Height: 3.5" | Diameter: 5.5" | Weight: 1.25 lbs. | Sold

CR01-28 Cross with Arcs - Sold
This cross is hand formed from white clay, including the arcs. The arcs of the cross project dramatic shadows. Click for detail.

Clay: white | Glaze: purple base with blue highlights
Length: 13.5" | Width: 9" | Depth: 1" | Sold

CR01-25 Native Tradition - Sold
This bowl celebrates the Native American tradition of pottery. The decoration is both primitive and modern in design.

Clay: Stoneware | Glaze: food safe | Height: 3.5" | Diameter: 7"
Price: Sold

VC-04 - Sold
This bowl is comprised of two high contrasting clays, white and red. The pattern is orderly but random.

Clay: Red and White | Glaze: Clear Food Safe
Height: 4" | Diameter: 9.25" | Weight: 3.5 lbs. | Sold

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